Tips For Puppy Care


Bringing a new puppy home, especially when you have young children, is a wonderful experience. To see your children’s faces light up when they see the new puppy for the first time. With all of the joy and fun it is easy to forget that a new puppy has a lot of needs that an adult dog does not. Without the right puppy care tips and advice it becomes difficult to raise the puppy right.Here we are giving some tips for puppy care.that is very useful.

  1. Protect the newborn puppy from being accidentally stepped upon or falling down the stairs
  2. A newborn puppy is not able to regulate its body temperature that easily, they need to be kept warm
  3. A soft bed for the puppy to sleep in. A low walled card board box works well as a puppy bed.
  4. A space where the puppy can play, sleep and eat. This area should be cordoned off so that the puppy will not be able to teethe on your shoes.
  5. Puppies grow extremely fast, and consequently have fairly high calorie requirements. At first, they should be fed regularly three times a day
  6. Once they are around twelve weeks old, consider reducing your puppy’s meals to two per day.
  7. There is a lot more to know about caring for a puppy, but feeding and house training are perhaps the most important areas to concentrate on early on in a dog’s life.